Transportation 45 km

Need transport of your bike and yourself to Nærbø from Sandnes?

Collect your start number

Everyone must collect their start number before the race, either in Egersund or Sandnes.

Childrens Nordsjøritt in Nærbø

Do you love to ride and is under 12 years? Then Nordsjørittet pleased to invite you to the "Barnas Nordsjøritt" in Nærbø, on...

Childrens Nordsjøritt in Egersund

Do you love to cycle and is between 2 and 12 years? Then Nordsjørittet is pleased to invite you to "Barnas...

Start times and start groups 2018

Overview of start times and start groups (subject to change).

Ungdommens Nordsjøritt (youth)

Are you between 13 and 16 years of age, you can cycle Ungdommens Nordsjøritt.

45 km

Information short trail

91 km.

Information about Nordsjørittet 91 km

Information Nordsjørittet 45 km (short trail) 2017

Nordsjørittet 45 km will be arranged for the 2nd time on Saturday 11 June, and is open for both women and men from 17 years and upwards.

News! Cycle Nordsjørittet without timekeeping

We open up the possibility to ride Nordsjørittet, both 91 km and 45 km, without timekeeping.

Service-, food- and drink stations along the course

Here you will find a list of where the service-, food- and drink stations are along the course.

Individual registration

Information on individual registration to Nordsjørittet.

Team registration

Team Registration (amendment may occur). Would you like to register a team?

Transportation 91 km

Do you need transportation of you and your bike, or only your bike, to Egersund?

Accommodation in Sandnes

Recommended accommodation in Sandnes.  

Accomodation in Egersund

If you need accomodation in Egersund, we can recommend Husabø School. 

Training in the trail

Training in the trial at times other than race day.


Nordsjørittet is arranged by NCF's rules.

Luggage storage, wardrobes and bicycle parking

After the finish, you can collect your luggage (if you handed it in, in Egersund).

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