Training in the trail

Training in the trial at times other than race day.

It is important for us in Nordsjørittet to cherish our trail and not at least our landowners along the trail.

When it comes to training in the trial at times other than the racing day, we ask you to pay attention to vulnerable areas that can be exhausted before racing day:



Instead of going up the hill to the running terrain to Vandavatnet, cycled straight to Vigrestad center and straight through the center. Then go right - Odlandsvegen towards Odland Church and Varhaug center and onto the trail again.


Along Kongeveien (Varhaug)

The trail along the sea after Friestad (after Varhaug center) is NOT open for bike training. This is livelihood for farmers and cows using the road to and from the field. Follow the highway to Vigre school.


The bridge at Hå Gamle Prestegård

Alternative route avoiding the bridge is to continue on the bike path RV 44 to Njærheim (do not turn towards Hå Gamle Prestegård at Vigre school), turn left to Nærland and onto road 507. Then you come into the trail again.



The trail between Lalandsveien and Frøylandsvatnet is NOT open for bike training. Alternative route avoiding Frøylandsvatnet is to go left on Lalandsveien and cycle to Klepp station (train station). There is a footbridge at the end of Klepp station .


We encourage everyone to respect these limitations!

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