Information Nordsjørittet 45 km (short trail) 2017

Nordsjørittet 45 km will be arranged for the 2nd time on Saturday 11 June, and is open for both women and men from 17 years and upwards.

Start: First start at 13.00 from Nærbø center

Finish: Vågen in Sandnes (same place as Nordsjørittet 91 km)


We will from 2016 have starting groups of approximately 50 participants, based on the expected end time. Info about this will be sent out.

We will also facilitate for those who want to start together.


Trail Map: (subject to change)  


Track Description

After starting in Nærbø we go into some simple terrain in the area Jærmuseet, Vitengården. Then there is asphalt until Hå Gamle Prestegård. We are now in the main track (Nordsjørittet 91 km). The rest of the trail is on gravel and asphalt and is relatively flat. The exception is Tubakken, which is a short steep section, but with a lot of hustle and bustle from spectators! 

Food and Drink stations at Hå Gamle Prestegård after 9.5 km (food and beverage) and on top of Tubakken after 23.5 kilometers (drinks).

trail map


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