Here you can read about our rides and distances.

You will find the box for registration on our front page.

Team Registration

Read more HERE (NOK 790,-)


Entry to Nordsjørittet 45 km and Nordsjørittet 91 km

Individual registration to Nordsjørittet 91 km and Nordsjørittet 45 km. Read more HERE (NOK 790,-)


Elite registration

Read more HERE. Price kr. 450,-


Ungdommens Nordsjørittet (youth)

Read more HERE. Price kr. 200, - (plus license NOK 50,-)


Barnas Nordsjørittet in Egersund or Nærbø, Friday 9th June (children)

Read more about Egersund here:

Read more about Nærbø here:

Free to join!



“Engangslisens” NOK 200, -. Everyone must have a valid license, or permanent license in order to participate in the race.


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