Ungdommens Nordsjøritt (youth)

Are you between 13 and 16 years of age, you can cycle Ungdommens Nordsjøritt.

The trail is 32 km and runs in the same track as Nordsjørittet on the same day. Starts at Orrehallen kl 12.00.

You will get to ride up the feared Thubakken, along the idyllic Frøylandsvann (lake) and you will finish in Vågen in Sandnes. The race is suitable for everyone, both those who are active cyclists and those who think it`s fun to ride.

Entry fee: NOK 200,- (plus license NOK 50,-)

Do not miss the opportunity to join the most beautiful sping adventure!



Here is important information leading up to race day:


1. Start Number Distribution

Starting number is picked up at Vågen Upper Secondary School, Friday between 11.00 and 19.00.

See map: http://www.nordsjorittet.no/gfx/Kartparkering2014.png for parking, and see arrows for entrance to parking. In the same period there will be open sports shop, where Spinn and Hetland Sport is represented.

Those who will collect their start number in Egersund do it in a tent close to the starting area between 15:00 and 21:00 on Friday.

It will also be possible to collect your start number at Orrehallen on race day.


2. Luggage Submission

It is possible to submit luggage in the start area at Orre, and retrieve it at the finish in Sandnes. Everyone gets one sheet with many labels on, which can be attached to luggage, bicycle, and on your back.

Tag luggage well, and we remind you that this is at your own risk.


3. Race

The race starts from Orrehallen 12.00 and everyone starts at the same time. People from the organizer will be in place in the starting area from ​​09.00. Orre IL has opened the hall, so if there is a little bad weather it is possible to go in here. There are also toilets in the area. During the race there is a beverage station on top of Thubakken. Remember to keep to the right on the trail and follow the guard's directions.


4. Prizes

After finishing the race all will be given a Nordsjøritt Medal, and a token. The token is for the food tent. Moreover, it is 1/3 prizes. 


5. Keep Nordsjørittet clean!

We remind you that garbage should not be dumped in nature - use designated garbage zones associated with food and beverage stations, or bring it to the finish area.

trail map


All results here - turitt.com

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