Nordsjørittet is arranged by NCF's rules.

Participants who do not follow racing rules will be disqualified. Riders must abide by the organizer's instructions. Riders must follow traffic regulations and signs, and it is important to show respect to nature, other participants and audience.

- It is mandatory to wear a helmet

- Dropped handlebars and hoop is not allowed

- "Sound by ear" (ipod player or similar) is forbidden for safety reasons

- All participants take part at their own risk, and they are required to follow traffic rules on roads, otherwise the instructions from Nordsjørittet

- Start number with chip must be put on the bike correctly

- For insurance reasons it is strictly forbidden to ride under another person's name

- It is forbidden to start i another group than one has been awarded

- Littering is strictly forbidden

- Violation of one or more rules may result in disqualification or start refusal


Elite classes

Participants to the elite classes and / or junior classes must have a valid license issued by the National Cycle Federation (NCF) associated UCI. This must be displayed upon registration. Participants in the elite class must ride in clothes approved by NCF. It is up to Nordsjørittet to assess participants in Elite Class. To start in Elite Class we set the following requirements:

1) All riders who rode Norgescup Ritt or comparable races in its class preceding years can ride

2) If not, these are the time requirements from Nordsjørittet:

Elite senior men: under 3 h and 15 min

Elite senior women: under 4 hours and 10 min

Elite junior men: under 3 hours and 45 min

Elite junior women: under 4 hours and 30 min

For comparable races - state rides and time


The Elite

Can not receive help during the race

Wheel size according to NCF's rules (from 2010 no limit on 26 '')

Unable to change bike during the race

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