Nordsjørittets family race / family trip

In the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we want to arranginge a family race / family trip.

We aim for a family trip on around 20 km, with finish area in Sandnes where our good food market is shared with all participants on wheels.

It will be a brand new track, and it will be shielded from the existing trail og Nordsjørittet 91 km. 

Here we hope to see both old, new and fun bikes. Certainly also with child seat or bike trailer.

It is open to people of all ages.

We aim for more concrete information and registration during February.

Nordsjørittets MTB Marathon

The Nordsjøritt MTB Marathon will be a ride for those who would like a more challenging race than the regular 91 km trail.

What can then be expected?

- We plan for a run with estimated winning time of approx. 4 hours

- Parts of the trail will take place in the regular route

- It will be a varied trail with touches of gravel, terrain, path, forest and road

- Both hardtail and full suspension works on the trail


Map of trail 2018:


Here you can read about our rides and distances.

You will find the box for registration on our front page.

Team Registration

Read more HERE (NOK 790,-)


Entry to Nordsjørittet 45 km and Nordsjørittet 91 km

Individual registration to Nordsjørittet 91 km and Nordsjørittet 45 km. Read more HERE (NOK 790,-)


Elite registration

Read more HERE. Price kr. 450,-


Ungdommens Nordsjørittet (youth)

Read more HERE. Price kr. 200, - (plus license NOK 50,-)


Barnas Nordsjørittet in Egersund or Nærbø, Friday 9th June (children)

Read more about Egersund here:

Read more about Nærbø here:

Free to join!



“Engangslisens” NOK 200, -. Everyone must have a valid license, or permanent license in order to participate in the race.


trail map


All results here -

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