Do you want to start in a group together with those who are on the same level as you?

Do you want to start in a group together with those who are on the same level as you? Then you should choose yes to seeding when you sign up.

Seeding groups for 2018 will be groups 1 to 15 (changes may occure).

Nordsjørittet have many first time riders. We also have many who want to compete with others who are on the same level. Seeding is an arrangement that means that we, based on previous results, put participants in right starting group. Nordsjørittet has selected some races that apply to our seeding. Seeding is personal and everyone will be placed based on their seeding. One can not choose to have the same group as others in the team or a friend when selecting seeding.


Check the following to be seeded:

- You can change to seeding in your registration, or contact your team manager. Change to Seeding: JA

- You must provide TurrittID and / or BirkID

- If you do not have ID when you sign up, but intend to ride a seeding race before Nordsjørittet, select "no" on seeding to complete enrollment. Once you've got ID, you must enter and change to "yes"; and add the ID number.

Seeding Races in 2018 are: NB! YOU must choose "yes" on seeding in the NOrdsjørittet registration. It is not enough to attend these races.


- Nordsjørittet 2015, 2016 og 2017
- Birkebeinerrittet 2015, 2016 og 2017
- Grenserittet 2015, 2016 og 2017
- Garborgriket Rundt 2016, 2017 og 2018
- Montebellorittet (Drammen) 2017 
(You must enter your TurrittID on the signature to Montebellorittet)
- Hårfagrerittet 2016 og 2017
- Landsbyrittet 2016, 2017 

If you don`t have a TurrittID or BirkID but are attending this year's Garborgriket Rundt, you will get a TurrittID.

See for your TurrittID

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