Nordsjørittets PreTours

Information about Nordsjørittets PreTours

This year we can offer 4 handsome training rides towards Nordsjørittet. They are suitable for everyone, and is intended for anyone who has a goal to ride Nordsjørittet. It is a nice venue to test condition, both for those who stand on the start line for the first time and for those who are more experienced cyclists. The races have a reasonable profile and is a "low threshold" event and organized in collaboration with own clubs.

PreTour Dalane: 06th April

PreTour Nærbø: 04th May

PreTour Farsund 06 May

PreTour Sandnes May 18

General information

Classes: Both turklasse (with timing) and trimklasse (without timing).

Race Lengths: Ca. 40 km

Age limit: Turklassen 17 years. Trimklassen 13 years (participants from 13 to 16 years old must cycle with parents / guardians) 

Price: NOK 150 ,- 

License: Participants must have a valid license (NOK 150,- for turklassen and NOK 50,- for trimklassen) 

Drinks: There will be served sports drinks from Squeezy 


The results from previous years can be found here: 

PreTour Dalane

Date: Thursday, 06 April at 17:30

Start and Destination Location: Slettebø Idrettsanlegg

Showers and changing rooms: Yes, this can be found in the start and finish area

Parking: Ample parking in the area

Track length: 40 km

Trail Map:

PreTour Nærbø

Date: Thursday 04th May at 18:00

Start and Destination Location: Jærmuseet

Showers and changing rooms: yes, at Nærbø ILs Idrettsanlegg

Parking: Ample parking in the area

Track length: 37 km Trail


PreTour Farsund

Date: Saturday 06 May at 13.00

Start and Destination Location: The square in Farsund center

Showers and changing rooms: Yes, by Alcoa Environmental Park

Parking: In the center and at the Alcoa Environmental Park

Track length: approximately 40 km

Trail Map:

PreTour Sandnes

Date: Thursday May 18 at 18:00

Start and måsted: Austrått skole

Showers and changing rooms: No

Parking: At Austrått school and Høyland Ungdomsskole 

Track length: approximately 36 km

Trail Map:

Kontaktinfo for PreTour rittene

PreTour Dalane: 
Erik Torgersen |  | 454 11 056

PreTour Nærbø:
Ingve Vold |  |  970 54 726

PreTour Farsund:  
Stein Egil |  |  917 15 886

PreTour Sandnes:
Karl Johan Pedersen |  |  482 81 678


Dalane SK  |  Nærbø SK  |  Sandnes SK |  Farsund CK

trail map


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