Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we get asked frequently:


1. Is it possible to collect start numbers in advance of the race in Egersund, on the starting day?

Yes, if you have no opportunity to collect it on Thursday or Friday in Sandnes, or in Egersund on Friday.


2. How much is the entry fee?

Entry fee for 2018 is NOK 790, - (license inescapable). 


3. Shuttle bus Stavanger - Egersund and Sandnes - Egersund

Does it cover both the person and bike, or must I book for bike as well? It covers both the person and bike, read more at:


4, Is it possible to go on the train at Klepp or do I need to go on in Sandnes or Stavanger?

If you book transport package from us by train, this applies from stations south of Sandnes.


5. Is it possible to "only" book train or bus ticket?

We only sell packages with bike transport and person transport. And only bike transport. But there should be no problem getting on the train that day, as long as you have transportation for the bike.


6. Is there transportation of luggage from Egersund to Sandnes?

Yes, we transport your luggage to Sandnes. In the envelope with start number, there is a sticker with the name and number. Paste on luggage before handing it in Egersund. After the finish in Sandnes, there is a separate baggage tent where you can collect.


7. How do I choose seeding to Nordsjørittet?

Read about seeding to Nordsjørittet - Those wishing seeding must enter turittID, BirkID or GrenserrittID. 


8. I would like seeding, but do not have ID. What am I to do?

Press "no" on seeding to complete your registration, you can go in and change it when you've got ID.


9. Where on the website can I find information on SMS options?


10. I can not start because of illness - do I get a refund of the entry fee and, license and transportation?

We do not refund, as described our registration terms -


11. Parking in Egersund?

Follow the organizer's instructions.


12. How many drink stations are there along the race course?

There are 4 drink stations, 2 of which are with food. 


13. I want a refund for single license due to purchase of a permanent license, is this possible?



14. Can I rename my registration?

No, unfortunately, it is not possible.

Frequently asked questions

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