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English info

Short info about Nordsjørittet in English. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about Nordsjørittet (hilde@nordsjorittet.no).

Distance: 91km - start in Egersund and finish in Sandnes.

The track is rated as easy, with a mix of paved roads (60%), gravel roads (20%), and the rest is a mix of walking paths or single-track. A mountain bike or a hybrid bike is recommended. A road racing bike is unusable and not allowed.


How to get there?

By train or bus from Sandnes or Stavanger, or other stations towards Egersund (see information at http://www.nsb.no). There is a package for Transport of the bike and yourself, which is provided by the race organizers. Bikes will be transported separately with a trailer from Vågen vgs in Sandnes between 12.00 – 19.00 on the day before the race. Cost of transport package for bike and rider is 310 NOK.


Race Fee

Registration is 760 NOK + 200 NOK (temporary national racing licence). Foreign citizens not paying tax in Norway, must have their own insuance.



Valid helmet. Offroad bike cycle required.



You can either register as an individual on as a team. The information on the registration page is in Norwegian only. Please contact us by e-mail if you need assistance regarding registration, on post@nordsjorittet.no with name and contact information on howto contact you. 


The track/route

The race starts in a little nice town in the western part of Rogaland, called Egersund. It follows part of the famous “North Sea Route” towards Sandnes which is the end point. Along the track there is beautiful scenery and you will bicycle in several types of terrain. The track has everything from mountainbiking in hilly mountains and a gravel roads along blue ocean. In some areas there are much loose gravel, so good tires are vital. The first 3-5 km after leaving Egersund are on fine gravel, but hilly. Then you will cross a main road, before you cycle via “The Kings Road” towards Ogna. This is the road where the Norwegian King got his “goods” transported. It is rather hilly. When entering Ogna, you will soon cross the main road again before you take a left turn towards the ocean. In beautiful scenery, viewing the blue ocean, you pass Brusand.

If you are not in a hurry it is time for short stop to view the waves. After you have left the coast area, there is a couple of kilometers on main roads, towards Vandavatn. Entering the walking path, this area is the part where the slope is at the narrowest. Here you will need to keep to the track on the left and show some care for all the others, to avoid collisions. At some stages there might also be a need to jump off the bike for short periods. This depends on how technical racer you are. Passing Vandavatn, the first food station is available. After feeding, there will be new kilometers on the main road again, heading towards Varhaug and back towards the coast. Right before Varhaug you turn back to the ocean, on gravel again, heading towards “Hå gamle prestegard”. This is modern arts- and culture centre. You can here find a gallery with different exhibitions. Back on the main road again, the track is easy towards Bryne, no gravel on this stage.

Passing Bryne there is one hill that can cause your legs to start aching. The “Tubakken” hill is for many the worst hill in the race. This is due to its heavy ascent. Are you able to cycle up that hill you will be able to finish with honor. The rest of the race is primary on the main road, except the last 3 km that are back on gravel going around Stokkelandsvatnet onto tarmac over Tronsholsen, to Austrått and downhill to the finish line where you will get you medal as deserved. Remmeber to leave us the electronic chip. There will be refreshments in the Finish area, with other activities. Or simply just sit down an relax in the sun.

Om Nordsjørittet

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